A Small team with grand ambition

If you take out the team in teamwork, it's just work. Now who wants that? Every successful company thrives on the power of teamwork. We place a high value on collaboration in our company.

Meet the crew

We are working at almost
twice the capacity

We’ve been a leader in automation and IT for many years. During that time, we’ve become experts at using data to increase the efficiency of companies of all sizes from around the world. We’ve packaged that knowledge into IT products that can help you optimize operations in your company.

And Best Four International can help you dig deeper into your operations to understand what’s driving your performance—and how to improve it. That’s what we mean by data-driven innovation.

Our Team

In order to deliver the most competitive investment returns & offer the best services to our clients, we have to have the best people we can get. We have put in place a team with diverse expertise, a firm commitment to integrity and that adheres to our business standards.

Josphat Kolum - Director/Founder

Josphat Kolum is the Director and Founder of Best Four International Technologies LTD and responsible for business development strategy . He has a Purchasing management background and has been in procurement industry for the last 7 years. He also has sales and marketing experience both internationally and locally.

William Ayodo - Finance Director/Co-Founder

William has over 10 years of broad and diverse professional experience in the areas ofassurance, enterprise risk management, financial accounting and management having worked in various sectors of the economy from Financial Services, Logistics and Information Technology.

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